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I'm Ankur Goyal


I am into finance and accounting profession and pursuing CA as my carrier and having a long term experience in world of investing. I am not just investing on my own, but guiding my clients through, their way of wealth creation. Considering and analysing different principles of personal finance of various experts and have completed a proper course on how to analyse stocks.

My clients have made up to 50% of return in a year, even in shorter period than a year and i have been guiding them and learning from them, as well. Over this period, I learnt how to minimise the risk and maximise the return. I learnt how to pick right time and place of investment.and that's why i consider myself right person to guide you for stepping in, in the world of finance and investing.


No person has a magic wand to say “abracadabra” and make you rich over night. but you can get prospective in few minutes which may direct you on the way of riches. robert kiyosaki says in order to be rich you should invest more and more in assets. many people dont consider buying assets or investing because of few myths. Let me tell you what you don’t need.

1. You don’t have to give too much time to make money.

Its myth that you will have to spend hours doing analysis of stocks in order to earn money you can do analysis if you wan to or just Wait for right opportunity. Check next heading to understand more.

2. You don’t need to learn a lot at the beginning.

You don’t have to get knowledge of each and everything. Do you learn how to repair a tv when your tv stops working?? No right, you hire a person who is good in that department and that person does it for you.

3. You don't need a lot of money to earn money in this market.

Its a myth that peole just need money to earn more and more in this market.. yes it will be just a little easy for those who have lots of money to reach their goal.

Go get a bucket before it starts raining.

Stock market is like rain. You cant tell exact time when it will start raining money on you. Various times there will be sure sort opportunity to earn money . at that time you wont like to find broker to get your account open in order to invest. Demat account is like a bucket in which You can store water (profit) whenever it rains.

Smart people don’t work for money they make money work for them. You can surely earn money by starting your own business. But are you good enough, to beat tata group, in competition, right now. No..right? so better you own their company by buying their share and best managers will be working for you. You will have power to own more than 5000 companies once you get just one demat account for free.

How to get it

How to get a demat account right.. click on demat account button and sign up by filling your mobile and email and our exicutives will call on that number to help you with account opening.

Please don’t use fake numbers. Because it might ban you from opening your demat account in your future. Better you use number which is linked to your adhar card or bank.

It takes minutes to fill the form and submit your application for demat account you can do it even on your own by clicking in here.

Why to get it from us??

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Why upstox?

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is it safe?

Stock market is Waste of Money and Total Gambling..

this will be the opinion of last generation people, if you will ask them about investing in shares. its is not new to be affraid of investing in stock market in india. But why 68% people in USA like developed country invest in stock market, and why are those foreigners, investing in indian stock market in billions these days?

the reason is before 1992, there were verious loop holes in the system (even in banking system). but after the commencement of SEBI, all fraud and malicious activity, which were being committed by brokers and big players, came to an end.

now by keeping your eyes close, you are definitely losing up a fortune. morden world is all about stepping out of the rigid perceptions and seeing how much the world has changed. people get affraid of things they dont know. open up your mind and just look at it, learn and understand it, because it's worth it.




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