There are many ways, in which you can invest your money such as equity and debt. But before making any investing you must make sure do you want to invest you money. To understand why investing is important click below.

There mainly three forms in which you can keep your investment.

FIRST : CASH:: keeping is cash doesn't mean having a bundle of paper notes. Your bundle of notes will definitely come under this type, but its a wider term. All money which you have in your bank account or any online payment wallet. Come under don't see this money of you go down in figures but still,If you have gone through above topic telling importance of investment, you know it is decreasing over the time.. keeping your money in bank account is just loosing it.

SECOND : DEBT:: Debt is basically loan. You give your money to someone as loan or in return of a debenture certificate or in any other way, and you expect to get some fixed return on that money. In form of interest which is little more then normal saving account.

THIRD : EQUITY:: equity involves shares and stocks like investments. Risk and reward both in equity is higher than other two form stated above. Since it can make your investment grow faster than others, it comes in interest of most of the investors.

Click here to know about EQUITY .

Earlier, lots of paper work was involved in making this investments. because when you put you money in something you need a proof of that so that you can claim your money back and have legal evidence that you made that investment. Now it is must to have a demat account in order to invest in this investments. To understand what is demat account and how to get it click below.

What is demat account and how to get one.

here we gonna tell how to use your money wisely and where to put it so that after years you can have your dreams come true.

there are various way you can use your money. it all yours but there is always a cost associated with what you do. If you are choosing something that means you re rejecting something somewhere and we always choose for better.

one of better way to use your money is to invest it. rather than wasting it or keeping it with you.

in these site you will learn different way in which you can invest , with practical experience.
with live examples you will be learning how to invest in different area so that in you way you can identify and grab big opportunities which are coming your way.

this place is a journey. surely it does have an end and at end of end there is lots of wisdom and secret of being rich. its totally up to you how you reach that end but condition is you will have to go through complete way. you can't just jump up to end. enjoy your learning.

may this site help you find your way.