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The main purpose of this site is to guide the people in world or finance and stock market. we look forward to serve as complete finance solution providers and create a ideal picture in world of finance.

 complete guidance on stock market and basics of investment will be provided by us to you. different area of investment which might help you to grow. shares, mutual funds, IPO and all other medium we will tell you about in brief here, so you can pick right one to invest in accordance with your risk bearing capacity and investment size.

different trading strategies will be discussed here so that you don't do mistakes which is done by a beginner in shares and you invest and trade like pro.

details and study of different companies will be provided to you and you may use it to gain knowledge. different frauds which happened in different companies are discussed so that you can understand the people more and develop a skeptical view towards such activities. As well us it entertains the people too.

web services are also provided here so that you can bring your business online and you can just get domains here or you may ask us to help you out with particular problem and you may get complete package of website.

this site has links with various chartered accountants and company secretaries. so information provided by this site is from experts and will give you proper and right knowledge.