8th May 2021_ Saturday update

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Care in trend these days. The reason Is definitely the exponential growth in it. The time since Elon Musk has stared tweeting about it. The bitcoin and dogecoin have jumped up so high that... People who missed opportunity of investing in it are just regreting about it..

But aren't bit coin and other crypto currencies so risky ?? 

I guess there is no investment which comes without risk. Even if u do business you do take some amount of risk in it. Atleast you risk your fixed cost, don't you. 

Now the thing is... how much risk you can take. And that depends on you age and earning. If you have lakhs to invest, can't you invest a bit in Bitcoins.? 

The main problem with people... is negetive mindset... People just close their eyes if something comes up which doesn't belong to their field... They say 

The grass is not always greener on the other side.

But see I am kind of person.. if I had crores or lakhs.. I would never mind investing a few thousands in cryptos. Only that much which I can afford to lose. Because I know this amount doesn't matter now.. so it won't matter in future as well.. 

 if exponential growth comes in any area. in future I am ready to say that I didn't have capacity to take risk that time. But I won't like to say. I was so dumb that I had an opportunity in front of me but I did let it go just because it was hard for me to do research.. 

it's hard... I know to do research about everything. But let's just bet an amount which I can afford to loose and I will assume that i have already lost it. 

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Please tell me in comments what do you think of investing in cryptos and how much money you are ready to invest In it.