When others think it's not the right time, actually it is the time

Say price of companies share is just 100,
 now you don't know if tomorrow price will be
 just 70 rupee. How would u know. But when something 
Comes up like corona you know all companies are gonna suffer
Some loss. Now what you will do. You will say someone
That I will sell you this share at just rupee 100 and since 
There are lots of buyers and sellers you will surely get a 
Buyer. Now, price of that share became 70 now your job 
Is to buy that share so that you can give it to the person
Who entered into contract with you to buy such shares at 
Rupee 100. 
Now most interesting thing here is this you re buying and selling companies shares but no matter what, you can earn when company is in lose. 
But to do that you must go to some place where you get some shares to buy and some buyer to sell your shares. We provide you that market in your computer screen and mobile screen. We will
Provide you the market choise is yours whether you want to buy anything or not whether you want to keep your shares with you or not these all will be on you. And market will give you such opportunity where you will be able to take sure sort advantage of it.