Biggest gamble of His perent


Rahul entered the class and teacher was already there.

 He asked- “sir may I come in ?”

Teacher -  yes, go to your place and don’t sit.

Uneasy expression on boy’s face, but he didn’t say anything because he knew it was his fault after all.

Teacher asked him in polite voice: do you know what we were discussing?

He said : s.. .s. sorry sir..

Teacher: we were talking about parents. What they do for you and how much they expect from you

these things. Your parents invested a lot of money on you. Yes or no?

rahul : y..yes sir..

teacher: you accept your parents invested a lot of money in you?

He said : yes

Teacher : are you sure they invested in you and didn’t gamble on you?

And whole class started laughing.

Now understand, you never say your perents gambled on you.. you say they invested in you.

When a farmer buys seeds he invests in those seeds and fertilizers. He has some expectations in his mind. A lot of crops gets ruined lots of farmer commit suicide but still when he buys seeds he will never say that he is gambling. The same way business man invests..

Now what’s difference between gambling and investing? Its amount of risk involved. When you take some risk and manage your risk such that you can earn in 90% chance its investment. If you take so much risk that probability of losing you money is 1 out of 2 or somewhere near to 1/2.  It becomes gambling.

How can we invest in share market and not gamble?

Never take loan to invest your money.

Let opportunities go but don’t take risk more than you once decide

Start slow

Have a basis for every transaction

Never watch in intraday if you have earned something pack your bag and go away.. shut the trading window off

Don’t use leverage if you re just entered in the market